RRI Plan



Over the last decades many efforts have tried to reduce the distance between science and society, leading to a European-wide approach in Horizon 2020 called Responsible Research and Innovation. RRI seeks to bring issues related to research and innovation into the open, to anticipate their consequences, and to involve society in discussing how science and technology can help create the kind of world and society we want for generations to come.

A normative framework for RRI includes eight normative policy keys/agendas:


GREA group is focused in excellence beyond standards in terms of research and innovation and subscribes the idea of excellence attached to analytical and social relevance with particular attention to improve the ways that different aspects of science and technological change are governed. RRI have potential as a transformative, critical and radical concept, to make research and innovation more efficient to solve global social problems helping to develop a more socially-dimensioned research environment.

Transcending beyond RRI dimensions and attributes, implement Responsibility and Open innovation approaches in renewable energy research and applications and to be able to monitoring this implementation is also a great motivation, due to the fact that, although RRI has become an overarching trend, there is a lack of frameworks for assessing the interaction of dimensions and structural barriersin research groups regarding practical applications and researcher’s awareness is also reported.

Due to the international partnership of GREA group, the participation in research projects and the specific levels of governance, our aim is also to transcend from local to global and use RRI dimensions for vertebrate partnerships and future research towards more socially outcomes. GREA RRI aims to develop and implement an RRI Plan to promote institutional change and foster the uptake of the RRI approach by researchers and participants.

At disciplinary level, the recognition of the interdisciplinarity and cross-cutting nature of the field of energy and its applications is also the motivation to start the implementation of RRI in a research institution (research centres, universities and the research departments as well as in industry partnerships) by the implementation around one research area, to set common strategies and tools giving answer to common working methods, problems andapproaches as well as reinforce the culture of responsibility within research group.

Therefore, our RRI Plan will allow us to manage research and innovation to be more efficient to solve social problems regarding with energy research trough the integration of eight key aspects of RRI in research for arrange structural changes in our research organization as well as vertebrate partnerships towards more socially outcomes and encourage awareness in researches.

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