R+D+i Topics

Thermal Energy Storage

– Evaluation and study of thermal energy storage

– Characterization and development of materials

– Evaluation and improvement of heat exchange

– Laboratory and experimental pilot plants

– Modeling of components and systems

Building Energy Efficiency

– Sustainable construction

– Green facades and roofs

– Dynamic structures applied to steel or reinforced with cement

– Stress studies of different structures

– Sustainable materials and construction materials with low environmental impact

– Life cycle analysis of construction materials

Energy Use Optimization

– Evaluation of insulating materials for buildings

– Study of the inclusion of thermal inertia in enclosures

– Experimental evaluation of passive and active technologies in buildings

– Experimental evaluation of storage tanks

– Development of numerical models to analyze and optimize energy in buildings and industrial processes

– Applications of solar energy and other renewable energy

– Optimization of the control of active thermal energy storage systems

Artificial Intelligence

– Resolution of computationally difficult problems programming with restrictions and reasoning with Boolean logic, with multi-value and fuzzy logic

– Definition of knowledge representation languages that allow the most appropriate solution for combination problems

– Design, implementation and evaluation of very efficient algorithms to find solutions to problems that are modeled in these languages

Research Projects

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some Research Projects

RDi Topics

We work to expand our RDi Topics

The GREiA Research Group at University of Lleida works on the fields
of Thermal energy storage, building energy efficiency, artificial intelligence
and energy usage optimization.


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