About GREiA research group

GREiA is a research group at the University of Lleida (Lleida, Spain) that has a long experience in the fields of thermal energy storage (TES) technologies, buildings energy efficiency, artificial intelligence applied to control strategies, advanced control strategies implementation, and sustainable tannery processes. Since its foundation, in 1999, the group has been developing TES concepts and systems for different applications, such as solar water tanks, building envelopes, buildings heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, industrial applications, and concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. Moreover, GREiA has developed the life cycle assessment (LCA) of different systems such as energy-efficient buildings, energy-efficient HVAC systems, waste management systems, and others.

GREiA is known worldwide for its research in thermal energy storage (TES) and energy efficiency in processes developing in all its aspects, such as the development and characterization of materials, the evaluation and improvement of heat exchange, laboratory and pilot plant experimentation, component and system level modeling using EES, C ++, Energy +, COMSOL, etc. The contribution to sustainable materials focuses on materials with low environmental impact, the use of by-products and waste and the life cycle analysis (LCA) of materials and systems. In the field of artificial intelligence, predictive control and deep-learning techniques are being applied in hybrid energy systems. These techniques allow to plan operations optimally. Through efficient problem coding and correct integration of optimization and machine learning tools, optimal control of systems is achieved in real time. As for the field of tannery, all lines are focused on optimizing processes so that they are more sustainable.


Our Vision

Being a reference group of engineering at an international level, always linked to the University of Lleida


Our Mission

Propose solutions to the industry in the fields of sustainability, energy engineering and control, through research, technology transfer and training

Our Objectives

Improve existing knowledge in our work sectors through research and innovation. Help increase the competitiveness of companies through collaborations, whether for the design of new products or as a technology consultancy

GREiA R&D vision

Our vision is to develop novel energy systems, starting from basic concept development and prototype testing levels to the final application at market level.

GREiA team

  • 12 Professors / Assist. Prof.
  • 4 Postdoctoral researchers
  • 8 Graduate students
  • 1 Project manager
  • 1 Laboratory technicians
  • Undergraduate or master students
  • External collaborators
  • Visiting researchers

Total: about 35 people