BioTES-tank: Artificial intelligence driven biomimetics design of a thermal energy storage tank for optimal heat Exchange [TED2021-129462B-I00]

Call: TED2021

The European ecological transition is based on the European Green Deal where one of the actions outlined to achieve the set goals is a clean energy transition Literature has shown that thermal energy storage (TES) is a key technology to support this energy transition. Nevertheless, this technology still has barriers to achieve the maximum potential of its deployment, one of them being the low energy efficiency of TES tanks. Conventional heat transfer design has shown difficulties to develop new concepts. Therefore, BIO-TES tank proposes a new TES tank concept that will improve its performance following an artificial intelligence (AI) driven bio-inspired design and using additive manufacturing in their testing. Looking nature, plant leaves and animals/human veins show that a best distribution is the use of capillarity in the heat transfer fluid (HTF) distribution. With this in mind, only using artificial intelligence driven design and additive manufacturing in the experiments for rapid testing allows a novel methodology, where feedback between heat transfer physical equations proposal, AI driven-design, additive manufacturing aid experimentation allows achieving successful results. BIO-TES tanks is organized with a work plan of 5 tasks, with an inter- and multi-disciplinary group between heat transfer, materials engineering, and computer science national and international researchers. To achieve maximum impact, a strong open-access dissemination and communication plan has been defined.

This project [TED2021-129462B-I00] has received the support of Ministerio de ciencia e innvación, Agencia estatal de investigación, Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resilencia and Unión Europea.