Research in GREiA

The research, carried out by the GREiA group, in thermal energy storage (TES) and energy efficiency in processes, is carried out in a very broad way:

– developing and characterizing materials,
– evaluating and improving heat exchange,
– conducting laboratory and pilot plant experimentation,
– modeling at the level of components and systems, using EES, C ++, Energy +, COMSOL, etc.,
– always including energy optimization.


The contribution to sustainable materials focuses on materials with low environmental impact, the use of by-products and wastes and the life cycle analysis (LCA) of materials and systems. As for artificial intelligence, predictive control and deep learning techniques are being applied in hybrid energy systems (TES, photovoltaic, network, etc.) that allow optimal planning of operations. Through an efficient coding of the problem and a correct integration of optimization and machine learning tools, optimal control of the systems is achieved in real time.


GREiA and its synergy with companies

All this research trajectory has allowed the GREiA group, over the years, to participate in different projects, both national and European, and be a reference for institutions and companies in the field of energy.
Although our extensive experience is in the field of energy and artificial intelligence, companies from different sectors (construction, 3D printers, pneumatic waste collection, …) have contacted the group to establish different collaborations.

The GREiA research group establishes a close relationship with any company with which it collaborates, offering not only the service for which it has been hired, but also advice on the different financing lines that it can be obtained by their characteristics.

The GREiA Research Group at University of Lleida works on the fields
of Thermal energy storage, building energy efficiency, artificial intelligence
and energy usage optimization.


C/ Pere de Cabrera, s/n.

25001 Lleida (Espanya)


+34 973 003 704